Print on demand

Print on demand is a technology that allows us to come up with ideas faster and bring them to market faster.  Traditionally, a t-shirt designer would have to invest an enormous amount of money in inventory that may never sell.

As orders come in they go straight to the printer.  They handle all of the inventory headaches and technical side of the printing.  After their rigorous quality control process, they ship your t-shirt out to you.  The whole process from online order to doorstep delivery takes about 5-7 business days.  Remember when they said that no one would wait 2-3 days for a book they ordered on Amazon?!?

Bad ideas for t-shirts are inevitable, and with print on demand technology, it doesn't have to be the downfall of a business.  

We have many more t-shirts that we will be offering for sale, so check back often.  Thanks.